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Lyrics: Ali bood, attributed to Shams-i Tabriz

تا صورت و پیوند جهان بود علی بود

تا نقش زمین بود و زمان بود علی بود

Tā ṣūrat-u paywand-i jahān būd ʿĀlī būd
Tā naqsh-i zamīn būd-u zamān būd ʿĀlī būd

Since the genesis of this universe, Ali was there.
And since the earth and time were envisaged, Ali also existed.

هم اول و هم آخر و هم ظاهر و باطن

هم عابد و هم معبد معبود علی بود

Ham awwal-u ham ākhir-u ham ẓāhir-u bāṭīn
Ham ʿābid-u ham maʿbad-u maʿbūd ʿĀlī būd

Both the beginning and the end, the manifest and the hidden,
the origin and the destination, was Ali.

آن شاه سرافراز که اندر شب معراج

با احمد مختار یکی بود علی بود

Ān shah-i sarafrāz ki andar shab-i miʿrāj
Bā Aḥmad-i mukhtār yakī būd ʿĀlī būd

That proud and glorious Lord who accompanied
the chosen Prophet during his nocturnal ascent was Ali.

سر دو جهان جمله ز پیدا و ز پنهان

شمس الحق تبریز که بنمود علی بود

TSirri-i du jahān jumlah zi paydā-u zi pinhān
Shams-ul ḥaqq-i Tabrīz ki binmūd ʿAlī būd

The secret of both worlds, be it manifest or hidden,
that Shams-i Tabriz revealed, was Ali.

Music composition and vocals: xxx


Portrait of Mawlana Hazar Imam: Sarfraz Sadaruddin

Originally from Nairobi, Sarfraz Sadaruddin, son of the late Rai A.M. Sadaruddin, developed a passion for photography in his mid-teens, apprenticing with Kodak Limited and studying with Agfa in Hamburg, Germany. Later, in London, he continued his studies and then worked as a professional, free-lance photographer for newspapers, advertising firms and royalty until 1980, when he moved to Vancouver, Canada.

In Kenya, since His Highness the Aga Khan’s coronation in 1957 until the early 1960s, Sarfraz was a key, official photographer at the Aga Khan’s functions in Nairobi, covering the Aga Khan’s Enthronement Ceremony, the Opening Ceremony of the Platinum Jubilee Hospital, now the Aga Khan University Hospital, the entire Kenya leg of the Aga Khan’s 1959 visit and many other private events the Aga Khan attended or hosted. In London, Sarfraz was invited to cover the Foundation Stone ceremony of the Ismaili Centre as well as the Aga Khan’s community visits and functions. In Vancouver, Sarfraz continued to cover the Aga Khan’s visits, including extensive coverage of the opening ceremony of the Ismaili Centre, Burnaby.

Lyrics translation: Dr. Daryoush Mohammad Poor

Daryoush completed an associate degree in Mathematics in 1998 from Ferdowsy University in Mashhad, Iran. Following completion of a special degree in International Relations at the University of Westminster, UK, in 2003, he continued there with post-graduate studies in International Relations and Contemporary Political Theory, graduating with merit in 2004 from their Centre for the Study of Democracy. His dissertation, Reforms from within: the crisis of democracy in Iran, examined the process of reforms in the political structure of Iran. Currently, he is a Research Associate in the Department of Academic Research and Publications at the Institute of Ismaili Studies, UK. Prior to this, he served as Editorial Researcher, contributing to the Encyclopaedia Islamica project.

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Remember Quote #5

The measure of a man depends on the scope of his resolution,
and his sincerity depends on the degree of his chivalric virtues.
His courage depends on the degree of honour he has,
and his integrity is based on the degree of his sense of shame.
— Hazrat Ali

Remember Quote #4

Thy Lord hath decreed,
that ye worship none save Him,
and (that ye show) kindness to parents.
If one of them or both of them
attain old age with thee,
say not ‘Fie’ unto them
nor repulse them,
but speak unto them a gracious word.
— Qur’an 17:23

Remember Quote #3

Learn to wish for the thing that happens
and not try to mould the event to your desire….
I say that you should endeavour
to suit your desire to the event,
and not the event to your desire.
Mawlana Sultan Muhammad Shah

Remember Quote #2

[B]e mindful of your duty (to Allah),
and believe,
and do good works;
and again: be mindful of your duty,
and believe;
and once again: be mindful of your duty,
and do right.
Allah loveth the good.
— Qur’an 5:93

Remember Quote #1

The day, we no longer know how,
nor have the time,
nor the faith to bow in prayer to Allah
because the human soul,
that He has told us is eternal,
is no longer of sufficient importance to us
to be worthy of an hour
of our daily working, profit-seeking time,
will be a sunless day of despair.
Mawlana Hazar Imam