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Presidential Address at the First Anniversary of Mindanao University (Manilla, Philippines)

During the two Caliphates, the Muslim Universities were producing the best scholars, doctors, astronomers and philosophers. Today where are we? Have we institutions of learning which can compare with the Sorbonne, Harvard, Yale, Cambridge, Oxford, M.I.T.? Throughout my journeys I have been deeply pained to see the lack of initiative which my brother Muslims have shown in educational matters. In some circles there may have been a fear that modern education would tend to lessen the sharpness and deepness of our faith. I am afraid that I must reject this with vehemence.

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Radio Pakistan Interview ‘Islam and Work’ (Karachi, Pakistan)

I certainly like to see most friendly relations between all the Muslim states of the world. I think one of the most important factors in this is that most Muslim States have a major problem which is to raise the standard of living of their people, and so long as they have this common problem perhaps they could unite around it to find a solution which would be practicable in many of these States or to get a number of States to help each other out in facing this problem. And that is why I tend to emphasise the economic ties to begin with, ties which can be of use to any State which is to reach an agreement along those lines — something where it is in the interest of both Muslim States to work together. And then afterwards the other things, cultural exchanges etc. can take place. Certainly one could argue that they should be hand in hand but I think the question of interest and reaching a common denominator which is the desire to progress, is important and I think if one keeps that in mind, one could reach fairly encouraging solution.

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