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Humayan’s Tomb Site Museum Foundation Stone Ceremony (Delhi, India)

Through the centuries, millions of people have made their way here. They have come to see these architectural achievements, the oldest and largest Indo-Islamic architectural complex. They have come to admire the decorative genius that we have around us and to think about its continuing influence in contemporary life. They have come to enjoy the green spaces that are such an essential part of this complex, reflecting the profound harmony that can ideally unite our natural and our built environments. And now, as a new Museum is born on this site, visitors will be able to learn in greater depth why these legacies were built, how they served the court and society more generally, and what they have meant since.

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The Sunday Times Interview, Part II, Nicholas Tomalin, ‘Our Future in Africa’ (London, United Kingdom)

For the future, have you made any basic decisions where Ismaili communities should develop? There are only a certain number of areas in the world where a Muslim group can live with its own traditions. In Western Europe our habits are either misunderstood or totally ignored; [Y]ou can see that Africa, with all its dangers, has tremendous potentiality. I have intense respect for the African; I think in a number of years we’ll find he has brought something new to political concepts. We will make a major effort in that continent….

Do you find left-wing political attitudes are a danger to your Faith? In the Faith itself, every man is equal. So long as this is the dominant element a left-wing attitude is not going to get a strong grasp. What does happen, and this is a danger, is that the left-wing attitudes tend not only to destroy the Faith of a man towards his religion but also the respect of one individual towards another. When the Faith is broken down everything goes with it: the family, society, the individual, the intelligence.

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Associated Press Interview on the ‘Aga Khan Express’ (Sultanabad, Pakistan) ·· incomplete

INCOMPLETE: We regret that from this interview, only limited portions made public by the reporter are available below. We would be very grateful if any of our readers who may have the complete transcript would kindly share it with us. Please click here for information on making submissions to NanoWisdoms; we thank you for your assistance.

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A Broadcast Message on Radio Pakistan, ‘Build up that free Islamic state mentality’ (Karachi, Pakistan)

[The] Qur’an and the Tradition [have both insisted] that nature is the great daily book of God whose secrets must be found and used for the well being of humanity. Islam is essentially a natural religion, the miracles quoted in the Qur’an are the great phenomena surrounding us and we are often told that all these manifestations can be used and should be, with intelligence, for the service of man. Let us never forget that in the struggle for existence of the future only those will survive who control the forces of nature to the greatest extent.

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In the Days of My Youth (Mumbai, India)

But whatever changes the next few decades may bring, I am persuaded that India will ever hold the greatest place in any scheme of Imperial consolidation. What the peoples of India have to do is to prove themselves worthy, by whole-hearted patriotism of that place. In saying this I do not mean that the time is near at hand when advanced political institutions should be granted to India … Even on some Europe an nations which could be mentioned representative institutions sit badly. The Anglo-Saxon race, like the Roman Empire in its best days, has a genius for the art of government, whether of itself or of others; but the success of representative institutions in Anglo-Saxon lands is no proof of their suitability to Oriental conditions.

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