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Brussels Conference on Afghanistan (Brussels, Belgium)

Since 2001, AKDN and its partners have channelled over $1 billion to enhance self-reliance and improve the quality of life of Afghans. Between now and 2020, AKDN plans similar investments in cultural heritage, education, energy, health, and poverty alleviation…. I would reiterate my profound belief in the power of sustained, long-term, multi-dimensional development that empowers individuals and communities to improve their quality of life.

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Aga Khan Development Network and European Commission (EU) ‘Joint Declaration’ Signing Ceremony (Brussels, Belgium)

Our Joint Declaration represents a commitment to go beyond our common concerns about poverty and the need to improve living conditions in the developing world. We now look to enhancing our two-decade long partnership to contribute towards creating stability, mitigating conflict, fostering greater social inclusion and enabling equitable and sustainable human development.

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Agreement for Commission for the European Communities grant of 8,000,000 Euro to the Aga Khan Foundation Signing Ceremony (Brussels, Belgium) ·· missing

The Aga Khan thanked the CEC and the British Overseas Development Administration for co-funding the Chitral programme and acknowledged the role of the Government of Pakistan in facilitating the co-operation of national and international agencies in contributing to the development of the region. He underlined that the Rural Support Programme has various dimensions. It is designed to develop the ability of the people of this isolated part of the country to generate rapid increases in their productive capacity and assist them in the provision of self-sustaining primary health care and education activities, all of which would enhance the quality of life for the population of the area.

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