Launched several years ago, in 2011, upon receiving special permission from Aiglemont to publish His Highness the Aga Khan’s speeches, the NanoWisdoms Archive is a unique website dedicated solely to the Ismaili Imamat’s speeches, interviews and writings. With over 500 readings — from,,,,,, printed materials, media Web sites and other sources — and thousands of quotes, the Archive is the most comprehensive, public collection of Ismaili Imamat knowledge available today.

Occasionally we conduct feedback polls — to help us better understand our visitors, their interests, their use of the Archive and so forth — so we are able to continuously improve the Archive and its value. The results of these polls appear below. Any polls we are currently conducting appear in the margin and we invite you to provide your feedback.


Transcribing the Imam's remarks is a laborious task, but one we feel is critical. Do you think such transcripts are important and if so, why are they important to you? [Check all that apply]
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  • I can search for remarks and read texts faster than watching video over and over · 60%
  • I remember, understand and absorb what the Imam says better when I read his remarks · 78%
  • It's easier to study, highlight and discuss the Imam's remarks with my children and others from printed copies · 61%
  • It's easier to accurately quote the Imam · 65%
  • I cannot watch video or listen to audio over the Internet · 9%
  • No, transcripts of the Imam's remarks are not needed and not important · 1%

To help us increase awareness of the NanoWisdoms Archive among the Jamat, please tell us how you first learned of us so we may better understand which media are effective and which need improvement:
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  • IsmailiMail,,, Paderborner 'SJ' Blog · 23%
  • NanoWisdoms e-mail sent directly to you · 12%
  • NanoWisdoms e-mail forwarded to you · 15%
  • Other e-mail forwarded to you or word of mouth · 16%
  • Google or search engine · 9%
  • Facebook · 20%
  • Institutional personnel - Leadership or other staff · 3%
  • Institutional advisory - JK notice board, literature counter, local newsletter · 1%
  • Institutional education - Waez, lecture, seminar, book-club, RE/BUI class/camp, computer class · 1%
  • Institutional publication -,,, national Ismaili magazine · 0%