{Status} ·· Incomplete
11 July 2017Diamond Jubilee Inauguration Interview (Aiglemont, France) ·· incomplete
31 July 2015Religion and Ethics Newsweekly Interview, PBS, Lucky Severson (USA) ·· incomplete
3 June 2015Signing Ceremony for the agreement between the Republic of Portugal and Ismaili Imamat to establish the Global Seat of the Ismaili Imamat in Portugal (Lisbon, Portugal) ·· incomplete
17 September 2014Aljazeera Interview, Daniel Lak (Toronto, Canada) ·· incomplete
1 March 2014Globe and Mail Interview (5th), John Stackhouse, '"Without a doubt, I am seriously worried" about the world' (Toronto, Canada) ·· incomplete
28 September 2013Jamati Institutional Leaders Dinner (Mumbai, India) ·· incomplete
14 June 2013CNN Interview on the inauguration of The Museum of The Horse, Francesca Cumani (Chantilly, France) ·· incomplete
February 2013Vanity Fair Interview, James Reginato, 'The Aga Khan's Earthly Kingdom' (USA) ·· incomplete
29 November 2012Aga Khan Trust for Culture and Government of Kenya Agreement to Rehabilitate Nairobi City Park Signing Ceremony (Nairobi, Kenya) ·· incomplete
1 April 2012Jamati Institutional Leaders Dinner (Singapore) ·· incomplete
31 March 2012'Architecture in Islamic Arts' Opening Ceremony - An Exhibition from the Aga Khan Museum (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) ·· incomplete
31 October 2011Showun Bridge Foundation Stone Ceremony (Showun, Shurobod District, Tajikistan; Khohon Province, Afghanistan) ·· incomplete
15 July 2011Jamati Institutional Leaders Dinner (Nairobi, Kenya) ·· incomplete
12 July 2011Jamati Institutional Leaders Dinner (Kampala, Uganda) ·· incomplete
7 July 2011Jamati Institutional Leaders Dinner (Dar es Salaam, Tanzania) ·· incomplete
1 June 2011BBC Radio 5 Interview, Mick Fitzgerald, 'The Shergar Story' (London, United Kingdom) ·· incomplete
26 April 20112011 University of California San Francisco Medal Interview (San Francisco, USA) ·· incomplete
10 December 2010CNN Interview, John Defterios, 'The Healthy Speed of Change' (Doha, Qatar) ·· incomplete
13 June 2009Edmonton Journal Interview, Keith Gerein, 'Things become possible' (Edmonton, Canada) ·· incomplete
30 May 2009ZDF (Enterprises) Interview (2nd) for the documentary 'Islam and the West', 'Morgenland' ('Orient') (Germany) ·· incomplete
11 December 2008Jamati Institutional Leaders Dinner (Paris, France) ·· incomplete
3 December 2008Jamati Institutional Leaders Luncheon (Singapore) ·· incomplete
25 November 2008Luncheon hosted by Premier of British Columbia (Vancouver, Canada) ·· incomplete
25 November 2008Jamati Institutional Leaders Dinner (Vancouver, Canada) ·· incomplete
24 November 2008Reception and luncheon hosted by Aga Khan University (Calgary, Canada) ·· incomplete
17 November 2008Acceptance Address - Cartier Racing Awards' Horse of the Year for Zarkava (London, United Kingdom) ·· incomplete
26 September 2008Financial Times Interview, Rachel Morarjee, 'Coffee with the FT: His Highness the Aga Khan' (London, United Kingdom) ·· incomplete
13 September 2008AFP Interview (Aleppo, Syria) ·· incomplete
2 September 2008Interview featured in PBS/E2 Series' 'A Garden in Cairo' (USA) ·· incomplete
27 August 2008Jamati Institutional Leaders Dinner (Damascus, Syria) ·· incomplete
21 July 2008Sociedade das Nações Interview, Martim Cabral and Nuno Rogerio (Lisbon, Portugal) ·· incomplete
13 July 2008Jamati Institutional Leaders Dinner (Lisbon, Portugal) ·· incomplete
6 July 2008Jamati Institutional Leaders Dinner (London, United Kingdom) ·· incomplete
5 July 2008Irish Times Interview, Alison Healy, 'Jubilee for an imam among equals' (Maynooth, Ireland) ·· incomplete
21 May 2008Jamati Institutional Leaders Dinner (Dhaka, Bangladesh) ·· incomplete
18 May 2008Jamati Institutional Leaders Dinner (Mumbai, India) ·· incomplete
28 April 2008Dinner hosted by President of Côte d'Ivoire (Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire) ·· incomplete
18 April 2008Gulf News Interview, Ashfaq Ahmed, 'Aga Khan: The architect of universal good' (Dubai, United Arab Emirates) ·· incomplete
18 April 2008Luncheon hosted by Governor and First Lady of Georgia (Atlanta, Georgia , USA) ·· incomplete
18 April 2008Jamati Institutional Leaders Dinner (Atlanta, Georgia, USA) ·· incomplete
16 April 2008Luncheon hosted by Governor of Illinois (Chicago, Illinois, USA) ·· incomplete
12 April 2008Aga Khan University and University of Texas at Austin 'Memorandum of Understanding' Signing Ceremony (Austin, Texas, USA) ·· incomplete
26 March 2008Jamati Institutional Leaders Dinner (Dubai, United Arab Emirates) ·· incomplete
?? 2008Press remarks with an unidentified media outlet (Central Asia) ·· incomplete
?? < 2008?Interview with an unidentified media outlet (Unknown location) ·· incomplete
29 November 2007Jamati Institutional Leaders Dinner (Antananarivo, Madagascar) ·· incomplete
28 November 2007Remarks to villagers during visit to Ambalafary (Sofia, Madagascar) ·· incomplete
14 November 2007 ??BBC Two NewsNight Interview (London, United Kingdom) ·· incomplete
?? 2007Interview (with an unidentified media outlet) featured in AKDN's 'Let the Beauty We Love Be What We Do: A Profile of the Aga Khan Trust for Culture' (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) ·· incomplete
18 August 2007State Luncheon (Zanzibar, Tanzania) ·· incomplete
17 August 2007Jamati Institutional Leaders Dinner (Dar es Salaam, Tanzania) ·· incomplete
8 July 2007New York Times Interview, G. Pascal Zachary, 'Do Business and Islam Mix? Ask Him' (New York, USA) ·· incomplete
?? < 2007?Interview with an unidentified media outlet, #1 (Cairo, Egypt) ·· incomplete
25 September 2006NPR News report of Press Conference in New Dehli, Philip Reeves (New Delhi, India) ·· incomplete
31 May 2006Luncheon announcing the merger of the Bellerive Foundation and Aga Khan Foundation (Geneva, Switzerland) ·· incomplete
3 January 2006Letter to architect Fumihiko Maki setting out notions of Light as the design theme for the Aga Khan Museum, Toronto (Aiglemont) ·· incomplete
2 December 2005Ibn Zuhr Building for Oncology Services, Aga Khan University, Opening Ceremony (Karachi, Pakistan) ·· incomplete
2 December 2005Faculty Office Building, Aga Khan University, Opening Ceremony (Karachi, Pakistan) ·· incomplete
3 October 2005Interview/Round Table Discussion with the German Press following the 2005 Die Quadriga Prize award ceremony (Berlin, Germany) ·· incomplete
30 July 2005Mali TV5 Interview, Armelle Charrier - Journal Afrique (Bamako, Mali) ·· incomplete
13 June 2005Sunday Times Interview, Marcus Binney, 'Aga Khan restores the lairs of the Silk Road's bandit barons' (London, United Kingdom) ·· incomplete
7 June 2005Ottawa Citizen Interview, Chris Mikula and Hayley Mick (Ottawa, Canada) ·· incomplete
28 April 2005 + 1 May 2005Toronto Star Interview (2nd), Haroon Siddiqui, 'Selling a Canadian idea to the world' (Toronto, Canada) ·· incomplete
29 November 2004Aga Khan Award for Architecture Prize Ceremony, Seminar (Agra, India) ·· incomplete
27 November 2004DD TV (Delhi Doordarshan) Interview, Rajiv Mehrotra (New Delhi, India) ·· incomplete
20 July 2004Uganda Muslim Education Association 60th Anniversary Celebration (Kibuli Mosque, Kampala, Uganda) ·· incomplete
6 & 8 July 2004University of Central Asia, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan Campuses Foundation Stone Ceremony (Khorog, Tajikistan; Naryn, Kyrgyzstan) ·· incomplete
5 July 2004Inauguration Ceremony of First MicroFianance Bank (Dushanbe, Tajikistan) ·· incomplete
31 March 2004Address to the Berlin Conference 'Afghanistan and the International Community - A Partnership for the Future' (Berlin, Germany) ·· incomplete
?? < 2004Interview with an unidentified media outlet, #2 (Cairo, Egypt) ·· incomplete
20 ?? December 2003CNN Inside Africa/Design 360 Interview, Sylvia Smith (USA) ·· incomplete
6 December 2003Reception hosted by the Governor of Sindh (Karachi, Pakistan) ·· incomplete
11 October 2003Public Address (Djenne, Mali) ·· incomplete
5 October 2003Sunday Times Interview, Andrew Longmore, 'Victory in today's Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe would crown almost perfect racing season' (London, United Kingdom) ·· incomplete
6 May 2003Bloomberg Interview (1st), Gavin Serkin, 'Aga Khan Seeks Profit in Afghan Tourism, Tajik Mountain Farms' (New York, USA) ·· incomplete
2 May 2003Dinner hosted by the President of Pakistan (Islamabad, Pakistan) ·· incomplete
19 April 2003Reuters Interview, Penny MacRae (USA) ·· incomplete
18 November 2002New York Times Interview, Dana Micucci (New York, USA) ·· incomplete
3 November 2002Tem Bridge Opening Ceremony (Tem, Tajikistan; Demogan, Afghanistan) ·· incomplete
8 October 2002Announcement of the Aga Khan Museum (Toronto, Canada) ·· incomplete
?? October 2002Letter to architect Fumihiko Maki setting out crystal as the design inspiration for the Delegation of the Ismaili Imamat, Ottawa (Aiglemont) ·· incomplete
25 September 2001Address to the two houses of the Kyrgyz Parliament (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan) ·· incomplete
21 October 2000Banquet in Honour of the Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan (Karachi, Pakistan) ·· incomplete
26 September 2000Address to the XIIIth International Meeting of Peoples and Religions, Special Session 'Africa’s Rebirth' (Lisbon, Portugal) ·· incomplete
24 August 2000Aga Khan Development Network and Governments of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan 'University of Central Asia Treaty' Signing Ceremonies (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan) ·· incomplete
19 September 1999Sunday Telegraph Interview, Brough Scott (London, United Kingdom) ·· incomplete
Early 1999Pranay Gupte Interview (United States, United Kingdom) ·· incomplete
29 September 1998Itar-Tass Interview, 'Between Conflicting Sides' (Dushanbe, Tajikistan) ·· incomplete
?? 1998Oleg Grabar Interview (Boston, USA) ·· incomplete
28 May 1997Wall Street Journal Europe Interview, Philip Revzin (France) ·· incomplete
11 March 1997Luncheon hosted by the President of Kenya (Nairobi, Kenya) ·· incomplete
4 July 1996Le Nouvel Economiste Interview (1st), Billionaire Activists (Paris, France) ·· incomplete
?? March 1995Address to the Executive Board of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) (Paris, France) ·· incomplete
10? November 1994Aga Khan Foundation 25th Anniversary Commemoration at the National Library (Karachi, Pakistan) ·· incomplete
4 May 1993Dinner hosted by the Prime Minister of Bangladesh (Dacca, Bangladesh) ·· incomplete
17 September 1992Dinner hosted by the Steering Committee of the Aga Khan Award for Architecture in honour of President of Uzbekistan (Samarkand, Uzbekistan) ·· incomplete
18 August 1992Toronto Star Interview (1st), Haroon Siddiqui (Toronto, Canada) ·· incomplete
18 August 1991The (Manchester) Guardian Weekly Interview, Akbar Ahmed, ‘The quiet revolutionary’ (London, United Kingdom) ·· incomplete
12 August 1991Financial Times Interview, William Dawkins and Edward Mortimer (London, United Kingdom) ·· incomplete
12 July 1991Luncheon hosted by the President of Tanzania (Dar es Salaam, Tanzania) ·· incomplete
5 June 1991Zafra House Opening Ceremony (Granada, Spain) ·· incomplete
28 June 1989Address at the Opening Ceremony of the John Addis Islamic Gallery at the British Museum (London, United Kingdom) ·· incomplete
12 March 1989Aga Khan Girls' Hostel Foundation Stone Ceremony (Hyderabad, Pakistan) ·· incomplete
?? February 1989Aga Khan Development Network Luncheon (Ahmedabad, India) ·· incomplete
11 December 1988IPS Kenya's Silver Jubilee Commemoration (Kenya) ·· incomplete
?? October 1988Address to the Zanzibar House of Representatives (Zanzibar, Tanzania) ·· incomplete
28 November 1987Faisalabad Serena Hotel Opening Ceremony (Faisalabad, Pakistan) ·· incomplete
20 November 1987Aga Khan Rural Support Programme Convention of Village Organisation Representatives (Giligit, Pakistan) ·· incomplete
19 November 1987Aga Khan Academy Opening Ceremony (Karimabad, Hunza, Pakistan) ·· incomplete
17 November 1987Students' Hostel Foundation Stone Ceremony (Booni, Northern Areas, Paksitan) ·· incomplete
?? July 1987Gold Medal for Architecture Award Ceremony (Madrid, Spain) ·· incomplete
6 January 1987Dinner hosted by the President of Bangladesh (Dacca, Bangladesh) ·· incomplete
27 October 1986Visit to Jubilee Insurance Company Limited (Nairobi, Kenya) ·· incomplete
24 October 1986Leather Industries of Kenya Ltd Opening Ceremony (Thika, Kenya) ·· incomplete
14 November 1985Aga Khan Maternity Home (Janbai) visit on its visit 60th Annivrsary (Kharadhar, Karachi, Pakistan) ·· incomplete
25 June 1985Zamana Gallery Opening Ceremony (London, United Kingdom) ·· incomplete
24 April 1985Independent Television (ITV) Interview (1st), Terry Lloyd (London, United Kingdom) ·· incomplete
28 January 1985Address to the Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce (Zurich, Switzerland) ·· incomplete
28 April 1983Globe and Mail Interview (2nd), Michael McDowell, 'Prince with purpose' (Toronto, Canada) ·· incomplete
21 February 1983Dinner following the establishment of Aga Khan Foundation in Portugal (Lisbon, Portgual) ·· incomplete
11 October 1982Expansion of Aga Khan Medical Centre Foundation Stone Ceremony (Kisumu, Kenya) ·· incomplete
15 February 1981Pakistan Medical Association, Sind Chapter, Dinner and Induction Ceremony as an Honorary Member (Karachi, Pakistan) ·· incomplete
10 December 1980Special event co-sponsored by the Hirshorn Museum and Sculpture Garden and the National Committee to Honor the Fourteenth Centennial of Islam (Washington D.C., USA) ·· incomplete
23 October 1980Civic Reception hosted by the Mayor of Lahore (Lahore, Pakistan) ·· incomplete
8 April 1980Signing of Letter of Co-operation between the Aga Khan Foundation and McGill University (Montreal, Canada) ·· incomplete
1 November 1979Victoria Racing Club/The Age 'Racehorse of the Year' Dinner (Melbourne, Australia) ·· incomplete
?? November 1979Interview with an unidentified media outlet (Australia) ·· incomplete
24 November 1978Globe and Mail Interview (1st), Stanley McDowell, 'The Aga Khan: A Man of His Time' (Toronto, Canada) ·· incomplete
?? 1955 & 1977'Message to the World of Islam': Collection of speeches, messages and writings ·· incomplete
15 March 1976Industrial Promotion Services (IPS) Dinner (Karachi, Pakistan) ·· incomplete
16 February 1976Nairobi Serena Hotel Opening Ceremony (Nairobi, Kenya) ·· incomplete
3 March 1972Civic Luncheon (Mombasa, Kenya) ·· incomplete
26 February 1972Dinner hosted by the President of Uganda (Kampala Uganda) ·· incomplete
24 February 1972IPS Building Opening Ceremony (Kampala, Uganda) ·· incomplete
8 February 1970Prince Aly Khan Boys' Academy Opening Ceremony (Karachi, Pakistan) ·· incomplete
14 March 1967Industrial Promotion Services (IPS) Building Opening Ceremony (Nairobi, Kenya) ·· incomplete
?? 1967Documentary and Interview, 'Pacemakers: A Man of the World - The Aga Khan' (London, United Kingdom) ·· incomplete
10 August 1964Sports Illustrated Interview, Paul Evan Ress, 'Prince Karim Aga Khan' (USA) ·· incomplete
10 August 1964Sports Illustrated Interview, Paul Evan Ress, 'Prince Karim Aga Khan' (USA) ·· incomplete
14 May 1962Address to the Royal Commonwealth Society at the University of Cambridge (Cambridge, United Kingdom) ·· incomplete
11 May 1961Aga Khan Nursery School, Mombasa, Opening Ceremony (Mombasa, Kenya) ·· incomplete
10 May 1961Address to the Lions Club (Nairobi, Kenya) ·· incomplete
6 May 1961Parklands Flats Opening Ceremony (Nairobi, Kenya) ·· incomplete
?? May 1961Address to the Institute of Muslim Education (Mombasa, Kenya) ·· incomplete
?? May 1961Address to student nurses at Aga Khan Hospital (Nairobi, Kenya) ·· incomplete
7 April 1961Interview by Pierre Dumayet (Chantilly, France) ·· incomplete
10 October 1960Associated Press Interview on the 'Aga Khan Express' (Sultanabad, Pakistan) ·· incomplete
9 October 1960Pakistan University Students' Union Colloquium on 'Present day students problems' opening address (Lahore, Pakistan) ·· incomplete
23 November 1959Address to the National Press Club (Washington DC, USA) ·· incomplete
1 November 1959Press Conference at the Officer's Club (Tehran?, Iran) ·· incomplete
?? November 1959Mark Hopkins Hotel Press Conference (San Francisco, USA) ·· incomplete
10 October 1959Address to the Aga Khan Boys' School's students (Dar es Salaam, Tanzania) ·· incomplete
27 September 1959Civic Luncheon at City Hall (Nairobi, Kenya) ·· incomplete
25 September 1959Aga Khan Primary School, Nairobi, Swimming Pool Foundation Stone (or Opening?) Ceremony (Nairobi, Kenya) ·· incomplete
18 September 1959Press Conference (Kampala, Uganda) ·· incomplete
10 September 1958H.H. The Aga Khan Platinum Jubilee Hospital Opening Ceremony (Nairobi, Kenya) ·· incomplete
1958-1964Interview with an unidentified media outlet (USA) ·· incomplete
8 December 1957ITN Interview at London Airport (London, United Kingdom) ·· incomplete
19 October 1957Interview with an unidentified media outlet 9 days prior to the first Takht Nashini (Enthronement) Ceremony in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (London, United Kingdom?) ·· incomplete
20 February 1955Platinum Jubilee Ceremony, 'Material Intelligence and Spiritual Enlightenment' (Cairo, Egypt) ·· incomplete
< ?? 1955'My Philosophy of Happiness', W. R. Titterton Interview (London, United Kingdom) ·· incomplete
12 August 1945Guidelines for the Muslims of Transvaal (Johannesburg, South Africa) ·· incomplete
?? 1944Chapter 4: Glimpses of Islam (The Religious Revival of Islam) (Pakistan) ·· incomplete
14 March 1936All India Muhammadan Educational Conference Presidential Address (2nd), 'The Educational Needs of Muslim India' (Rampur, India) ·· incomplete
2 November 1931'My Personal Life -- What a man needs to be happy', Daily Sketch Interview (London, United Kingdom) ·· incomplete
1920-1924Daily Sketch Interview, 'Is Religion Something Special?' (London, United Kingdom) ·· incomplete
?? 1904Muslim Educational Conference, 'The True Purpose of Education' (Mumbai, India) ·· incomplete
{Status} ·· Maybe Incomplete
12 June 2014le Parisien Interview, Gilles Maarek & Gaetane Morin, 'Aga Khan, l’imam philanthrope' (Chantilly, France)
29 September 2013Times of India Interview, Ranjan Roy, 'Civil society has to be driven by competence as well as ethics: Aga Khan' (Hyderabad, India)
26 July 2012Paris Match Interview (5th), Caroline Pigozzi (Paris, France)
17 June 2012Le Parisien Interview, Gilles Maarek, 'Chantilly est un géant qui se réveille' (Paris, France)
7 January 2010Le Nouvel Economiste Interview (2nd), Gael Tchakaloff, 'Prince Karim Aga Khan - Reflections in a Golden Eye' (Paris, France)
2 November 2009Aga Khan Development Network and State of California 'Agreement of Co-operation' Signing Ceremony (Sacramento, USA)
30 October 2009Aga Khan Development Network and State of Texas 'Agreement of Co-operation' Signing Ceremony (Austin, USA)
22 November 2008Aga Khan University and McMaster University 'Memorandum of Understanding' Signing Ceremony (Toronto, Canada)
5 October 2008Zarkava's victory at Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe at Longchamp (Paris, France)
27 August 2008Al Watan Interview, Waddah Abed Rabbo (Damascus, Syria)
25 August 2008Signing Ceremony for three agreements: 1) The First MicroFinance Institution the Central Bank of Portgual. 2) The Aga Khan University and Ministries of Health and Higher Education of the Government of Syria. 3) The Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development and City of Damascus (Damascus, Syria)
23 July 2008Paroquias de Portugal Interview, António Marujo and Faranaz Keshavjee, 'The West should accept that Islam does not separate the world and faith' (Lisbon, Portugal)
?? February 2008CNN Main Sail Interview, Shirley Roberston (USA)
23 January 2007Aga Khan Development Network and European Commission (EU) 'Joint Declaration' Signing Ceremony (Brussels, Belgium)
30 October 2006Dushanbe Serena Hotel Foundation Stone Ceremony (Dushanbe, Tajikistan)
5 December 2005Visit to Earthquake-Hit Areas of Pakistan (Muzaffarabad, Pakistan)
19 November 2005AKDN Commitment of $50 million to Pakistan's Earthquake Appeal (Islamabad, Pakistan)
1 August 2005Aga Khan Development Network, The Ismaili Imamat and Government of Mali 'Agreement of Co-operation' Signing Ceremony (Bamako, Mali)
30 July 2005Inauguration of First Microfinance Agency - Premiere Agence de Microfinance (Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso)
14 July 2005On the purchase of four Agusta AB139 helicopters by the Aga Khan Development Network
18 April 2005Government of Canada announcement to partner in the Global Centre of Pluralism (Ottawa, Canada)
6 April 2005Aga Khan Development Network and Government of Norway 'Memorandum of Understanding' Signing Ceremony (Oslo, Norway)
25 March 2005Round Table Discussion with the Press at al-Azhar Park's opening (USA, United Kingdom, Canada)
22 February 2005Inauguration of the Aga Khan Agency For Microfinance (Geneva, Switzerland)
7 September 2004Aga Khan Development Network and Government of Germany 'Memorandum of Understanding' Signing Ceremony (Berlin, Germany)
6 July 2004Darwaz Bridge Opening Ceremony (Darwaz, Tajikistan; Darwaz, Afghanistan)
7 July 2004Aga Khan Development Network and Government of Afghanistan 'Memorandum of Understanding to establish Academy of Excellence' Signing Ceremony (Kabul, Afghanistan)
24 June 2004Lead architects for the University of Central Asia campuses announcement (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan)
2 April 2004ZDF (heute.t-online.de) Interview (1st), Peter Frey (Berlin, Germany)
16 February 2004Visit to Syria (Syria)