Our goal is to make NanoWisdoms a definitive, permanent archive of not only Mawlana Hazar Imam’s public presentations, but also those of previous Imams and to this end we welcome contributions of Imamat speeches, interviews and writings from our visitors.

Help us complete the NanoWisdoms Archive

In addition to new material, we seek individuals willing collaborate with us to help us review:

  • archives of out-of-print Ismaili magazines and publications available at their local ITREB libraries,
  • local newspapers and magazines in public libraries or their publishers’ archives, and
  • their own or other private collections they are aware of,

for speeches, interviews, comments to the press, written works — such as articles, prefaces and forwards to books, AKDN or other materials — or any other public presentation by our Imams.

In essence, we seek all of the following:

  1. Items flagged under the special {Status} category, especially those that are either missing or incomplete, require translation or require transcription.
    Click here for a PDF list of missing and incomplete readings
    Click here for a complete list of all items in the {Status} category.
  2. Speeches, interviews and writings we are unaware of and not listed in the Archive’s index.
  3. Speeches, interviews and written works, or excerpts of these, by previous Imams (pbut).
  4. Primary source documents (see below) for items in the Archive but taken from secondary sources (as explained here), even though secondary sources used are known to be reliable.

Other assistance we require

In addition to the above, we require meticulous proof reading of texts against primary sources we have obtained. Although this work is tedious and not glamorous, it is essential and we would welcome assistance with it.

Guidelines for submissions

Submissions may be made by e-mail or regular mail. .
When making submissions, ideally we would appreciate if the following is provided:

  1. The date, city, country and event where the Imam’s presentation was made.
  2. The source document’s name, publication date and place of publication.
  3. A copy of a) the pages from source document (magazine, newspaper, book, event programme, etc. — if you do not have the source document, then kindly submit a copy of whatever material you have), where the speech, interview, written work or excerpt is published, and b) the source document’s introductory pages, from its cover page up to and including its contents pages (if any), in one of the following formats:

    • Digital camera photographs of each page in high resolution (5-megapixels or higher):
      Please review the tips here, or in the PDF linked at right, on how to get the best quality digital photograph of a document.
      — iPhones or camera-phones may sometimes work if the text is not too small but please submit camera-phone images as a last resort.
    • A black and white scan (not colour or grey-scale) at 300dpi in TIFF/TIF format (not JPG, PNG, PDF, etc.) with each page of the scan in it’s own TIFF file.
    • A clear photocopy.