The Home Page

The NanoWisdoms Archive home page presents one or more featured items, with green titles, followed by a random selection of His Highness the Aga Khan’s speeches, interviews and writings. Each time you refresh or visit the home page a different selection will appear.


The Archive’s documents are classified by a variety of categories and sub-categories that appear in the right-hand margin. Primary categories display the contents of the Archive:

  • By Imam — The Imam who was the author of the document.
  • By Institution — Aga Khan Development Network institutions mentioned or referred to in the document.
  • By Location/Country — The country where the speech took place, or interview/article published.
  • By Theme — The main themes of the document; (see note below).
  • By Type — The document’s type, of which more than one may be assigned.
  • Collections — Important collections of speeches, including our own “Editor’s Choice” collection.
  • News — Suggested Readings, news or other announcements about the Archive.

  • {Status} — Documents with outstanding issues to be resolved; (see below for more information).

Clicking on a primary category title displays its sub-categories and also the contents of the entire Archive chronologically. Clicking on a sub-category displays documents from that sub-category only, again chronologically.

NOTE: When choosing a theme, the introductory excerpts displayed reflect unique or key information about each entry and these excerpts may not be related to the theme. When an entry is tagged with a theme, it indicates the entry has content related to the theme. Use the Thematic Quote Browsers for short and extended quotes (see below) to browse our quote collection organized by theme.


NanoWisdoms’ Quote and Reading Service, broadcasts short and extended quotes — from His Highness the Aga Khan’s speeches, interviews and writings, or from earlier Shia and Ismaili Imams (pbut), the Holy Prophet (pbuh) or the Qur’an — via e-mail, Twitter and Facebook several times a week. With over 1,000 quotes, the NanoWisdoms’ ever growing collection is the largest collection of quotes from the Ismaili Imamat available on-line.

The entire collection is also available organized by theme or topic and all quotes are also available in attractively formatted PDFs, ideal for posting on jamatkhana or other notice boards.

Thematic Charts

NanoWisdoms’ thematic charts provide selected quotes from several speeches for easy-to-digest, one page synopses of some the Aga Khan’s key insights and advices related to particular themes. Their attractive format makes them ideal as teaching aids, seminar handouts, and general references.


As a dedicated archive, NanoWisdoms enables precise, narrow searches with only the Aga Khan’s remarks. To facilitate searches, spellings are standardized to British English.

If multiple search terms are used, documents featuring them are listed in decreasing order of relevance. The number of hits for each term is indicated.

Search for exact phrases by enclosing them in quotes. For example, “civil society“. At this time, Google style operators such as “AND”, “OR”, “+”, “-“, etc., are not supported.

To limit a search to a specific category, such as a particular country or type of document, select one from the drop down list.

Category names are also searchable. For example, to find all interviews granted in Tanzania, search for “interviews” in the Tanzania category. Similarly, to find all Editor’s Choice interviews, search for “interviews” in the Editor’s Choice category. Note, you may get some additional results if the term “interviews” occurs in the text of other documents.

Document/interview dates are also searchable. However, dates must be provided in the following format (including quotes): “Month Year”. The month must be spelled out in full, the year must have four digits, and there should be no other punctuation. For example, to search for April 7, 2005, you would enter: “April 2005” and review all results dated April 2005 for the specific item sought.

To find text within a page, use , type your word or phrase and press . On Apple computers, the ctrl key is the Command or Apple key.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require help in locating material you need.


Each document has a link at the top for printing a cleanly formatted copy in slightly larger type.

The {Status} Category

The “{Status}” category, highlights and flags documents with one or more of the following outstanding issues that need to be resolved:

  • Incomplete — Documents for which only portions are available, such as extracts from speeches or interviews.
  • Maybe Incomplete — Documents for which extensive, but apparently incomplete, portions are available.
  • Maybe Missing — There is evidence of a speech, interview or written work on the indicated date and venue, but it is unknown and no documents are currently available. Entries are displayed in grey.
  • Missing — Documents that are known to exist, but have not been located. Entries are displayed in grey.
  • Transcription Required — Items for which only audio or video are available.
  • Translation Required — Documents requiring translation into English.

For each of the above items flagged in {Status}, as well as other speeches, interviews, written works, or public presentations by the Imams of which we are unaware, we would be grateful for submissions from visitors.