MAYBE MISSING: We regret that some (or many) of the speeches during this visit are not available in the Archive. Listed below are some events he attended where Mawlana Hazar Imam made or may have made a speech. We would be very grateful if any of our readers who may have these speeches, or others from the visit, would kindly share them with us. Please click here for information on making submissions to NanoWisdoms; we thank you for your assistance.

  • October 22, 1980 (Lahore): Banquet hosted by President Zia-ul Haq.
  • October 25, 1980 (Karachi): Attended a seminar organised in his honour and Begum Salimah’s by the Institute of Architects.
  • October 26, 1980 (Karachi): Banquet in honour of Governor and Begum Abbasi.