In this seminal speech — made when he presided over the Aga Khan University’s convocation in 2006, the Aga Khan brings the future into clear perspective with his practical and pragmatic world-view, stressing that “we are moving into a new epoch of history [which many] observers describe … as the ‘Knowledge Society’.” This, he explains, is due to several factors, including his observations that:

  • “the world … increasingly resembles a vast web in which everything connects to everything else — where even the smallest groups and loneliest voices can exercise new influence, and where no single source of power can claim substantial control,”
  • that “the key to future progress will lie less in traditional top-down systems of command and control — and more in a broad, bottom-up spirit of coordination and cooperation,” consequently a “vast decentralisation of decision-making is … placing new responsibilities in the hands of local communities,”
  • and that future “intellectual progress will not lie in any single body of instruction, but in a spirit of openness to new expression and fresh insights.”

In light of these changes, Aga Khan asks and offers his viws to the question: “Just how should the Ummah set its priorities as it embraces the Knowledge Society?”

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His Highness the Aga Khan’s 2006 Aga Khan University Convocation Ceremony Address (Karachi, Pakistan)