Over the past two years the NanoWisdoms Twitter quote service has broadcast several hundred quotes from His Highness the Aga Khan’s speeches, interviews and writings. We are pleased to announce this collection of short quotes is now available on-line at NanoWisdoms, catalogued and organised by theme together with all sources as shown below.

Combined with our extended quotes, published on Facebook, and our thematic charts, our compilation of over 750 quotes by the Aga Khan is the largest available on-line and the only collection organised by theme and topic. New quotes are added to the collection each week via Twitter and Facebook. If you are not a Twitter or Facebook user you can subscribe to and receive both quote services by e-mail.

Thematic Quote Browser

We invite all our visitors to share with us their personal collections of quotes — from the Aga Khan, prior Ismaili Imams (pbut), the Prophet (pbuh) or Qur’an — so we may share them with the Jamat and public at large.

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