On 12 December 1965, The Sunday Times of London published Nicholas Tomalin’s extensive and candid interview of His Highness the Aga Khan. Although widely read and regarded by some as one of the Aga Khan’s most important interviews, what is not generally known is that a week later, on 19 December 1965, The Sunday Times published, under the title “Our Future in Africa,” the second part of that interview. The NanoWisdoms Archive is pleased to now bring you that second part.

In this riveting instalment, the Aga Khan talks extensively, and candidly, about the Ismaili community in Africa: its challenges, its history, its relations with Africans and governments, highlighting, for example, the situation the community faced during the middle of the last century in South Africa.

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Part II of His Highness the Aga Khan’s 1965 London Sunday Times Interview with Nicholas Tomalin

NOTE: We would like to thank one of our visitors for their persistence in helping us obtain this important interview — which the Archive has sought for many years — from his local public library. It is through the assistance of such visitors, the NanoWisdoms Archive is able to continually uncover lost or forgotten speeches and interviews, such as this one from 1965, for the benefit of all. We kindly urge all our visitors to review our lists of material known to be missing or incomplete in the Archive and help us obtain it from their local public and ITREB libraries. More information and the lists can be found here.