As the only website dedicated to the Ismaili Imamat’s knowledge, the NanoWisdoms Archive is a unique and important community resource which was granted special permission last year to publish His Highness the Aga Khan’s speeches.

Although the Archive, with almost 600 speeches, interviews and writings, is the most comprehensive publicly available archive of Imamat knowledge today, there are some 80 speeches and interviews by the Aga Khan which are known to exist but are missing from the Archive and a further 120 readings of his for which we only have excerpts. These 200 readings are listed at the link below.

We are asking the Jamat, world-wide, to assist us in locating these missing or incomplete speeches and interviews — from local public, university and ITREB libraries and/or publisher’s archives — to help us make the Archive even more comprehensive and useful to the Jamat and others.

We look forward to the Jamat’s support and cooperation in this effort so we may continue to develop the NanoWisdoms Archive as an important resource for all who wish to study and access the Imamat’s wisdom and knowledge. We would also like to thank all those who have already made many very valuable contributions to the Archive which have helped us preserve and make more accessible the Imamat’s irreplaceable knowledge.

Click here for the list of missing and incomplete readings
Click here for details on making contributions to the NanoWisdoms Archive