The NanoWisdoms Archive of Imamat speeches, interviews and writings is a unique website which last week celebrated its first anniversary and we at are privileged to interview the Archive’s founder and editor, Mohib Ebrahim, as part of those celebrations. His unique all-encompassing perspective is truly inspirational in helping us grasp how the Archive, and projects like it, fit in the “bigger picture.”

In this wide-ranging, engaging interview, Mohib offers his views and discusses:

  • the genesis and development of the NanoWisdoms Archive,
  • the special permission received from Aiglemont to publish His Highness the Aga Khan’s speeches,
  • the Archive’s collection, various quote services and future plans,
  • the spiritual facet of the Imamat’s public presentations,
  • the positioning of the Archive, and other such private initiatives, within the community,
  • the advantages of small, private, focused teams,
  • overcoming the challenges of scarce institutional capacity,
  • simple ways you can help increase awareness of the Archive amongst your jamat,

and much more.

Click here for’s interview with Mohib Ebrahim, NanoWisdoms’ founder and editor