This week’s selection is His Highness the Aga Khan’s 1985 Pakistan Television Corporation Interview.

In this interview, made the day after the inauguration of the Aga Khan University Hospital and the university’s Faculty of Health Sciences, Karachi, the Aga Khan discusses the university’s history and future. He also provides his insights and interpretations of Islam on many issues including the encompassing influence of Islam on life — including a society’s architecture — and on reconciling modernity with tradition, commenting that “I would question what you interpret as, or the elements you put in the word, ‘progress’. There are many aspects of the industrialised world, as it is called today, which I do not wish for the future of the Islamic world, nor for my own children…. So, I don’t think one can equate “progress” exclusively with what is happening in the industrialised world now, very far from it.”

The Aga Khan also describes his hopes for the future of the Islamic world, clarifying that “[Islam] was a faith practised in a land with no physical frontiers. The concept of the modern state is not really an Islamic concept. Islam was a brotherhood, is a brotherhood. That is the first thing — the free movement of people, the generosity of people’s attitudes towards their brothers around the world, that is itself I think is important.”

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