This week’s selection is His Highness the Aga Khan’s 1970 University of Sind Convocation Address (Hyderabad, Pakistan).

In this prescient speech, the Aga Khan explains how the Muslim concept of statehood was broken after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and replaced with Western notions, noting also that the “loss of control of government [during colonial times had] left the Muslims … in a situation either of prolonging the inherited forms of Western government or of adopting a pragmatic approach, the results of which are impossible to forecast.”

In considering these and other issues, the Aga Khan asks a question particularly relevant today, given Middle East’s current efforts to seek new leadership: “The issue, very simply, is this: what kind of nation states do we hope will emerge in the Muslim world during the next century?” and offers his insights and suggestions in respect of this.

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University of Sind Convocation Address (Hyderabad, Pakistan)