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At a press conference at the Mark Hopkins Hotel, His Royal Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan, told how much he wants success for the African Research Foundation, to which he has lent his enormous prestige as honorary chairman.

He said the Foundation needs $2.5 million beyond more than $1 million he has pledged to its program. He told how its first project would be research for a cure of Cancer. And he said the Foundation will work closely with Dr. Albert Schweitzer in French Equatorial Africa.

He spoke proudly about His Highness the Aga Khan Platinum Jubilee Hospital in Nairobi (Kenya) — where the African Research Foundation plans to conduct research on peculiar types of cancer found in that region.

He was especially enthusiastic about a medical insurance plan he has started there.

“Each member pays about $10 a year (he said). He gets 66 days of free hospital treatment.

The Aga Khan said he hopes that by early 1961 all his Moslem schools in British East Africa will give “the higher school certificate” and that by late 1961 every Ismaili family there will have its own home.

Wearing a double-breasted dark blue suit and a discreetly-patterned dark tie, the young ruler faced reporters, seated between the two medical doctors who head the African Research Foundation.


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